Human Trafficking In North America

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Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people for the purpose of sexually exploiting them and it has become more widespread than ever before. In our world today it affects every sector of society in many different ways. This issue is extremely close to home, it occurs almost everywhere in North America. It happens right under our noses and people are too ignorant to realize it. This is a world problem that needs to be addressed carefully, it is not something that will just go away. The global issue of human slavery through trafficking is more prolific, proximate and profound than you think.

This problem is incredibly prolific and affects boys and girls in nations all over the world. The sheer scope of this issue is hard to even believe.
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Why does human trafficking occur, why do people sell themselves for money? This is a question many people have tried to answer but it is not really a question you can answer. I believe it is many different reasons that cause this and it just depends on the people involved on which reasons it is. The people who do the trafficking are just as broken as the people being trafficked. A simple phrase that has helped me understand and forgive many times in my life is “Hurt people, hurt people”. The people who perform the act of hurting someone else are just as, or more hurt than the people they are hurting. There is not really one answer to this problem, but I have come to the understanding that all trafficking at the root of every injustice is the breakdown in family and the orphan spirit. The orphan spirit being a term for a child feeling like or having no parents. Some of the symptoms of this being a lack of confidence, a crippling need for approval, the inability to empathize and accept others as well and the inability to receive or extend love. They will do everything they can to not be in a place were they could be abandoned again. Wether it be to lie or cheat or even hurt other people. This is what I believe to be the main root of trafficking. Other reasons I have found for trafficking are kidnapping, poverty, greed, lust, abuse, control, fear, pedophilia, and the economy. I have experienced this first hand, I have seen the hurt and pain it causes. You look into one of these trafficked little girls eyes and your heart just breaks. Theres so many reasons why it happens, but for us it is so hard to grasp that people could do such a horrible thing. I think it all comes back down to what I stated before, “Hurt people, hurt
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