Human Trafficking In Oklahoma

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Human Trafficking in Oklahoma Individuals all over the world are at risk of being abducted and sold into some form of human trafficking or forced prostitution. As a resident of Oklahoma, I am concerned for the safety of my friends and family in regard to this ever-increasing occurrence. Worldwide, human trafficking is the second largest form of organized crime. This is especially true in Oklahoma. Interstate Highways forty, thirty-five, and forty-four all three run through Oklahoma reaching from coast to coast, and from Mexico to Canada. These highways make Oklahoma the perfect avenue for human trafficking. Because of these highways, new cases of this epidemic emerge in Oklahoma every day. For example, in June of 2015, five residents of Oklahoma…show more content…
Oklahoma State Legislature must act swiftly and with force to impact the fight. Laws already in place are being amended in an effort to reduce potential threats for adolescents in Oklahoma. For example, Oklahoma State Senator Josh Brecheen added to an already existing law to include how a person can be penalized, rather than increasing the penalty itself. “Another major change is currently sex traffickers can only be penalized if they recruit through fraud, deception or coercion. Under the new law, anyone found recruiting for sex trafficking, regardless of how they do it, will be penalized (Oklahoma State Senate).” Brecheen should be applauded in his endeavors to make a stand against human trafficking. However, more can and should be done to punish those convicted. Taking away a person’s freedom and forcing them to perform acts against their will is the definition of slavery. We as a nation fought a war against one another for this senselessness. There is no difference in the slavery we as a nation witnessed prior to the civil war and the barbarism involved in the human trafficking of today. According to the 2014 Oklahoma statutes, the crime of knowingly participating in human trafficking is punishable by five years to life and a fine of not more than 100,000 dollars (Justia Law). Some would argue that with the overcrowding of prisons, penalties…show more content…
By taking steps forward as a society we can have a great impact on that battle. We must, before anything else, make people aware of human trafficking and the devastating toll it takes on its victims. By increasing public awareness, individuals can begin to identify cues that people might be sufferers of human trafficking. After identifying a victim, proper authorities can be notified. Second, Oklahoma legislature must do more to combat this crime. If suspects know that upon conviction they will be sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole; the suspect will be less likely to become involved in the crime in the first place. Government must make a more forceful stand if the fight against human trafficking is to be successful. Similarly, like Icelandic Parliament, Oklahoma legislature must prohibit gentleman’s clubs entirely. The buying and selling of sexual acts performed in strip clubs is a gateway to more dangerous and illegal acts, such as willing and forced prostitution. These establishments promote unhealthy desires of both men and women. Other factors can assist in the fight, however, the three solutions listed here are the most critical and should be the first ensued if the battle against human trafficking and forced prostitution is to be
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