Human Trafficking In Thailand

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Bought and sold, consumed and exploited, demoralized and subjugated, human bodies, personhood, dignity and labor have become the most valuable, profitable and reusable products in the growing market of the modern day world. Having been traded and transferred within the second largest and fastest growing criminal industry, humans as merchandise have manufactured a 32 billion dollar industry. Despite the global reach of the human trafficking industry, which exploits at least 30 million people throughout the world, human trafficking continues its business through black market transactions, ill-equipped or ill-informed governments, and global inadequacies.
Human trafficking is being viewed as a form of modern day slavery. It is an act that subjects
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The paper will also demonstrate the need for a strong political will and firm determination of law enforcement officers to fight this crime, the need to have sufficient measures and incentives to persuade the victims to cooperate with law enforcement officers, and the need to enhance international cooperation in order to make the suppression of trafficking in persons an attainable goal. Human trafficking in Thailand can be tremendously reduced and possibly eliminated through the means of education, organizing a fundraiser and raising anti-human trafficking awareness campaigns, and the creation of child protection networks and poverty alleviation projects through school and university funds. Apart from raising awareness and organizing a fund raiser to be more aware and involved in the alleviation of human trafficking, actions should be taken to help the victims who got dragged into the dark side. Victims should be given free medical assistance and therapy funded by the anti-human trafficking fundraisers and businesses should hire the victims as interns and help them set up a career to further support…show more content…
We, the humans, should not be used as merchandise. It goes against all our moral conducts. Thailand should work as a community and develop moral obligations to prevent this crime against humanity. Prevention and suppression of human trafficking should be put into action by modernizing and strengthening national laws and regulations, by the willingness and motivation in positioning all obtainable efforts to prevent and suppress this crime and by working together and assisting each other as a team to defend the victims and to capture the
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