Human Trafficking In The 1800s

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As we speak right now, someone across the world is being forced into labor or sexual interactions. Men are the minority in this case and not forced into this as much as women and children. Most of those children are girls of ages from eight to fourteen starting in this business. I highly doubt any of you know that human trafficking, the modern day slavery is worse today than it was during the Atlantic Slave Trade in the 1500’s. Human Trafficking is where traffickers forcefully control victims to make them engage in sex or labor against their will (Bales 1). There are about 21 million people trafficked around the world. Children trafficking; 5.5 million of that (UNICEF USA 1). Trafficking isn’t just prostitution as most believe. It’s pornography, …show more content…

Victims are often silenced and told that telling law enforcement will only create more of a problem for them because prostitution is against the law. In most cases, no one steps forward to get their traffickers in jail. The feeling most girls have is turning there pimp in, means turning themselves in. In other cases, many get attached to their pimp and develop dysfunctional relationships that make them scared to come out and tell law enforcement. “Traffickers also play into the narrative by telling victims, who are exploited for sex, theyĺl threaten to call the police and report them for prostitution if they push back” (Alvarez 2). Women are taken when walking on the streets alone, normally at night by pimps or gangs normally in big cities. This starts the delivery of these women. There taken to houses or abandoned buildings in areas they feel as if they can’t escape and are forced into prostitution. However, sometimes these women and young girls are able to escape. Then once found and rescued they’re asked multiple times, “Why didn 't you try to escape?”. It 's not that they didn’t want to, but they were mentally damaged and had Stockholm Syndrome, a survival strategy that enables the hostage to survive (Julich 2). It 's a traumatic bond that the victim feels towards their abuser and makes them stay because they’re under the impression this is the only person they’ll see and be able to …show more content…

As horrible as that sounds, the United States has there own cases to deal with in human trafficking. Big events are the easiest places to find vulnerable women and one place where everyone is loud (can’t hear someone scream), most adults are drinking (alcohol not soda), and its nationally broadcasted in the month of February is the largest even for trafficking. That event is the Super Bowl. Where thousands of people are inside a stadium screaming because it 's the biggest football game and they’re at the game hoping to get a chance to be on TV. During the super bowl in 2010, Miami was accounted to have over 10,000 prostitutes there. There were 133 arrests that night for sex with minors (Anderson 2). This was over 6 years ago, numbers are only getting bigger, as more cases are revealed as the years go on. This enormous sporting event makes it an ideal place for traffickers to make a lot of cash fast. “Anytime you have a large number of people gathering in one place, especially males, and it 's a party atmosphere, its prime ground for sex trafficking. (Anderson 2)”. Sex ads online increased 10 days surrounding the date of the Super Bowl. On websites they have an adult entertainment page and listings of “Super Bowl Specials” were there for men interested in women and escort services. The only way to end this and save innocent victims lives from being damaged is to not have a demand for these women and

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