Human Trafficking: An Overlooked Crime

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Human Trafficking
Is human trafficking an overlooked crime? Crime has been a national focus for years and many nations have developed many different methods of dealing with this issue. I feel all criminal actions are wrong, but some are just inhumane. The crimes that trouble me the most are the ones where there is no regard for human life. For example: All forms of murder, assault, rape, and trafficking. All these crimes seem to be effectively dealt with, in my opinion, all but one, human trafficking. Criminals on all other charges are brought to justice, however when it comes to human trafficking it’s a huge continuous billion dollar chain that seems like it cannot be stopped. The sale of human beings is believed to be a $7
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Several young females were involved and they were brought into the U.S. illegally with the use of fake passports. They then used these fake passports to obtain visas. The National Immigration Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security discovered them and a total of 74 suspects from the trafficking ring were brought in for investigation.

Human Trafficking:
How it Works: human trafficking is a very organized crime that requires a lot of planning, it’s not something that can be done on the spur of the moment. In order for the operation to work successfully it would require various skills. You would need the following staff:
Recruiter: a person who finds vulnerable victims
Travel agent: a person in charge of transportation of victims to and from other countries
Document forger: a person who can is to steal or create false documents such as passports, green cards, licenses, etc.
Employer: a person who runs things and purchases/sells humans to
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Most commonly women and young children are victims of human trafficking. Men are not commonly discussed as victims. It is believed that there are not as many many male victims as there are female and children. In some countries when a male is found he’s not considered a victim. There is not much information about males being victims of trafficking. Most victims share the common characteristics listed below:
Little to no education
Unemployment/Limited employment Economic struggle
Inequality (social and economic)
Anyone can be a victim and none of those characteristics are necessarily required because the most common method of trafficking is persuasion.
Most victims are living in fear. Did enough to reach out to the police because normally the country there in they do not speak to languages and they are there illegally so that could lead to their arrest and the deportation. Another reason for the their fear may be because many of them participated in prostitution before they became victims which was viewed as a victimless crime in which they would be arrested. Victims were always on high security and if they use a cell phone/telephone or try to reach out to the police they will be punished. A lot of them have problems even trusting the police because commonly the law enforcement is corrupted and is being bribed by the

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