Essay On Human Trafficking Issues

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There are different schools of though responsible for the wide spread of human trafficking issues Myanmar. Migration could be the core reason that is clearly evident among migrant. The movements of people to new places combine with pull and push factors, such as limited livelihoods, social economic development gap within the region, and along the borders of China and Thailand in search of better living conditions. Most of the migrants from Myanmar seek job opportunity with minimum requirement of proficiency as worker in factory and fish vessels. In addition to wages incentive and demand of less skilled labors in neighboring countries act as a pull factors for the migrants. However, human trafficking always starts from migration status. Human smuggling and human trafficking are under the sub category of illegal migration. Some analysts have argued that both are different in terms of definition, “smuggled migrants are also exposed to abuse and exploitation either while being transported or on arrival- thus confusing attempts to paint neat lines between smuggling and trafficking ” (Laczko, 2002). Human trafficking has been regarded as a form of human smuggling and a type of illegal –…show more content…
The process starts from smuggling and end up in trafficking. Generally, peoples refer to human trafficking as a means of sexual exploitation. But, in term of trafficking, the words coercive and the use of force without consent are primary not only sexual exploitation but also others form of exploitation. However, the alternative possible roots causes for human trafficking are lower education, weak of knowledge in the matter of human rights violation and family circumstance due to economic and social problems as well. But if go beyond to this root courses factor, the primary factor is limited livelihood and economic development gap within region are another reason for the lack of
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