Human Trafficking: Legalizing Prostitution

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Human trafficking involves force labor, sextual exploitationand violation of human rights. Human trafficking is a serious issue worldwide on abuse, abduction and sextual slavery. First movement intended to ban transatlantic human trafficking was led by (William Wilberforce1). Due to human trafficking women are abuse and sextully asualted daily. This also includes abduction or punishment for debts that are unpayable that they are forced to work to pay off. Yet people ignore the fact of human trafficking and look the other way. Human trafficking involves a lot of things, but can be summarized as the “abuse of power or a position of vulnerability (Fisanick2). This is sextual slaveryand abuse that has been going on for decades and yet people…show more content…
If they legalize it, it would take its large businesses out of business. Which it would just take human trafficking and prostitution further underground and make it darker. “You were so worried about legal and illegal that you never stopped to think about whether it was right or wrong” -Tarry Prathehatt. “If there were no demand for commercial sex, sex trafficking would not exist in the form it does today” (Weissmuellar, Zack1). If they make it legal it will just get worst and would make it more dangerous for women and young ladies. They don 't stop to think if it would help or worsen the problem. “While their strategic may differ, decriminalization and legalization advocates agree that the anti - trafficking - on - crimes - rhetoric conflating trafficking and consensual prostitution only drives the trade further underground and makes life for sex workers more dangerous (Weissmuellar, Zack8). Legalizing would make it more dangerous and dirtier. It can have a lot of effects on women that are force an abducted to this trafficking, prostitution dirty system. The evidence presented has shown that human trafficking won 't stop till nobody wants sex anymore. Human trafficking is wrong and legalizing prostitution would not help out the the situation, and it would just make sex trafficking more dangerous that could affect women and children mainly around the
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