Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

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What is human trafficking? Some people call it modern day slavery. Human trafficking is the use of other people's benefits when humans are bought and sold. Many people think there is only a few aspects to human trafficking but there is a little bit more. Do you know all the aspects of human trafficking and all that goes on once someone has been trafficked. Who is to blame for human trafficking? Although people want to blame the authorities because they are not doing enough to stem the flow of human trafficking, the traffickers are to blame for the buying and selling of people.
In the events that when a victim is targeted there is not much they can do once they are taken, there is a rare chance that a victim will get away after they are sold
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It is when women and kids are taken and used for manual labor or commercial sex acts “trafficking or slavery is the exploitation of women and children,...includes…. prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls,...and is characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money.” (soroptimist). If you live in a big city or a high populated area you might be seeing trafficked victims everyday and not even know it, they have been silenced so they can’t tell anyone of their situation. When students from Manton High School were asked what they know about human trafficking and what it involved, 75% of the students that were asked said that human trafficking involved slavery either if it was sex slavery or labor…show more content…
Do you know the signs of human trafficking, if you saw it happen in front of your eyes will you help the poor women or little girl that is being taken or will you just watch in silence. “Those signs could include, for example, an older man traveling with young girls not related to him, or a young woman carrying many hotel keys.” (Brand). Other things that this could include is someone who arrives at an airport with no one with them and someone takes sudden interest in them. If someone is suddenly interested in this person they will make it their mission to talk to them and try ro get them to leave with them. Will you do everything in your power to help that that victim and all of the others or will you just watch in

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