Why Is Human Trafficking Wrong

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Webster Chandler III
Professor Parra
Human Trafficking
Do you know what it feels to have your life changed in an instant? Many women and children go through an international issue every day, this issue is called Trafficking. Human trafficking is the action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country or area to another, for the purposes of forced labor or sexual exploitation. Human trafficking is against a person will and are afraid to retaliate because they are told threats and fear for the safety of themselves and their families.
Human trafficking is a global issue that is happening every hour. There are at least 20 to 30 million human trafficking victims in the world today. Human trafficking is a federal crime in
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If I were in the frightful situation of being sold as a human trafficker, I wouldn’t stand up in fear or retaliation or death I would try to leave hints making eye contact with police, SOs, many women go through these things by the hour, and if caught making attempt to draw attention you were beaten and sold to the slums for sex and abuse. In the leaders shoes he believes its just a way of life rather than its actually ruining someone’s…show more content…
One could Object by giving moral examples using religion, families, other cultures to demote the passion for it and stop the ring by communicating and providing other options of money rather than selling people.
As a Citizen in the united states we as teens and adults are taught, if we see something strange or have suspicions, don’t get involved because you could rage the leader just get law enforcement involved and keep a close eye and follow. If everyone be aware of their surroundings and could stop less human trafficking victims be caught on the regular and improve safety and speak for those who cannot speak.
In Conclusion while the fight for the end of human trafficking continues, we as people of the united states have the ability to change and= make a difference for the young girls by recognizing the signs of abuse or mistreatment because, “behind a closed mouth, lies a story waiting to be told”. If you can make a change, change, as shown in a YouTube video titled “if I could change the world” is a list of world problems and how we could solve them. But the biggest question to ask yourself is “Will I stand
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