Human Truths In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Shakespeare 's A Midsummer Night’s Dream depicts a number of human truths including: lust, disappointment, confusion, deception, choice, betrayal, and marriage. The story begins with Hermia refusing to comply with her father Egeus 's wish for her to marry Demetrius. In response, Egeus turns to a law requiring a daughter to marry a prospected man chosen by her father, or else face death or lifelong chastity as a nun. Faced with this dilemma, Hermia and her lover Lysander elope by going into the forest. Hermia tells this to her best friend Helena, but Helena in turn reveals the plan to Demetrius in an attempt to win back his favor.

While at the same time, the fairy King, Oberon, and his queen, Titania, who are estranged, attend Theseus
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