Human Utterances In Human Communication: The Role Of Communication

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Communication is a natural trait that is owned by a man, a human being is a social fact which will interact with other human beings who use language as a tool of communication. According to Keraf (1) language is a means of communication between members of the public in the form of the symbol of the sound generated by human means of communication. In human communication uttered something to meet the needs as well as carry out the obligation. In terms of meeting the needs as well as carry out obligations, usually mentioning human utterances will result in action from people who listened to the utterance. Utterances generating an act called the speech acts. Communication directly will typically generate speech acts to be more spontaneous and not complicated, because delivering directly and immediately.
Therefore the speech acts in direct speech has its own interpretations. Direct speech made at the time the procedure of communication in VHF (very high frequency) communication is composed of words which are structured and already licensed should be pronounced in accordance with the guidelines carried out by ships that are in danger, such as grounding, sinking, missing people, and pirates attacked. For the circumstances, the VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) give the command that corresponds to the regulation at the time of the rescue process. The utterances that produced two directions between a ship that was in danger with VTS, there are some effects or impacts categorized as
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