Human Values In Ramayana

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Abstract: The present paper throws light on the epic text of Ramayana, which is filled with eternal lessons, teachings and reminders that enjoins the readers to tread on the righteous path of Dharma and Karma. The modern day man needs to follow the teachings of Ramayana in order to overcome the ills prevalent in the society. Ramayana teaches us human values and how to follow them. In the present technical world, human values and morality in people is degenerating which can be regenerated through the spiritual epic like Ramayana.
Keywords- Dharma, Karma, Human Value, Morality.
The modern society badly requires the Dharma that is enshrined in the epic Ramayana. In present era a son disrespects his father’s advice. Devotion to the Guru should be the primary duty of student but students are incorrigibly disrespectful towards teachers. In such a condition, everyone needs to follow the ideals of the Ramayana. The Ramayana speaks of the true identity of the individual, the
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Man observes diversity, which is a big mistake. The Ramayana centres on the principle of unity in diversity. His inability to the see unity in diversity has resulted in all enveloping agitation. The unity in diversity and the divinity behind this unity is thus to be perceived and experienced.
Indian philosophy expounds truth, to speak kindly and softly and never utter unpalatable truth. Social, moral and spiritual ethics encapsulates the above statement. The Ramayana teaches these values in the simplest way. But, man has forgotten the message of the Ramayana and is leading the life of a Ravana. Ravana did not comprehend this principle of divinity. There was no transformation in him though he had acquired and mastered all the Shastras and had done severe penance to propiate Lord Shiva. He ruined himself on account of excessive lust and

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