Human Violence Against Animals Case Study

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1 Introduction: Human violence against animals has existed for centuries. Certain kinds of violence toward animals, such as hunting and killing them for food, have almost always been viewed as acceptable. In a democratic country like India, the role of judiciary is significant. Judiciary administers justice according to law. It is required to promote justice in adjudicatory process. Credibility of judicial process ultimately depends on the manner of doing administration of justice. Judiciary can promote social justice through its judgments. Indian Judiciary has played an important role to uplift the Animal Laws in India and to protect their rights from all types of cruelty . Human Society International/India lists judgements passed by India’s courts that strengthened animal law and mitigated animal abuse and suffering. While some people seem to think they can treat animals any way they please, the law of the land has told us otherwise. Humane Society International/India brings you a list of orders passed by the country’s courts of law. These orders either mitigated or put an end to the suffering of animals. 1. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals V. Union of India…show more content…
This ruling safeguards animals from being exploited or ill-treated during the period of film making, which can extend across several hours. The ruling prevents animals from, among other abuses, being exposed to loud, strange sounds, beaten or kept without food and
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