Human Weakness In King Lear

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The Human Frailty’’ is concerned with the new aspirations that appeared during the Renaissance era that often showed how an individual is shaped by his weakness such as the uncontrolled ambition, passion and the limitless need to know, to rule, to have revenge or to love. Such ideas occupied the minds of many playwrights at that time. This paper is mainly concerned with the treatment of these ideas in William Shakespeare’s King Lear, it has been chosen because it represents the emergence of human weakness during that conflicting period leading man to his downfall, the embodiment of tyrannical power, King Lear is a tragedy of a protagonist who falls because of his weakness. In King Lear, the main idea is how a man of a royal position foolishly…show more content…
Latinisms are applied to the high style; King Lear has words such: germen, pomp, expose and so on. He combines compounds with new thoughts: ‘‘all-shaking”, "thought- executing ‘‘, ‘‘rose -checked” and so on (McDonald,2002:34). The Shakespearean drama is often studies of human frailty. Hence, we find different meanings the more words through literary works of William Shakespeare display the synonymy of weak is frailty, in meaning and behavior of characters is clear in Hamlet:
Frailty thy name is woman. (Hamlet: I. ii).
Shakespeare focuses primarily on the relationship between Lear, and the aged king and his daughters. Lear’s wish is to split his kingdom between his three daughters – after being assured of how much they love him. Shakespeare wanted to show the struggle between goodness and evil, inside of human and how evil changed man to behave bestially. Shakespeare’s King Lear, at the end, fulfil revenge, indeed, Lear divided his realm between two daughters instead three daughters because he followed flattery his two daughters. In order to get a portion of the kingdom, Goneril and Regan must profess their love to
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