Human Will In Oedipus The King

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The story oedipus rex is one fatal tragic with lots of twists and turns. Oedipus rex is a story about a kid who is born in the world in the city thebes and is born to the world with a horrible prophet. The oracle tells oedipus father king laius that his son will grow up and kill his father and marry his mother. Being told this king laius casted oedipus to the be killed by being thrown in the river but the shepherd had pity on the kid and pierced his ankles giving him the name oedipus. The nature of human will versus fate is the most important theme in oedipus rex by sophocles. For example Oedipus has to deal with the fate that polybus of corinth is not his father. Also oedipus wife/mother has to deal with the fact that she kept this away from oedipus and now has to deal with the fact she can’t keep this from oedipus anymore. One last reason is that oedipus can’t face the fact that he killed…show more content…
Oedipus said that if the murderer came to the light he will award them and not punish them. So after all of his bickering he goes to see the blind oracle the oracle is very reluctant to tell oedipus who the killer is because the oracle knows that oedipus is the killer and the oracle finally tells oedipus “you're the one who killed laius”. Oedipus does not want to believe this at all he cant allow himself to believe he fulfilled his horrible prophecy. He believes creon and tiresias set him up to take the thrown when this is just his fate and his prophecy being fulfilled in a different tragic way. Oedipus goes home to see his mother/wife has hung herself. Oedipus then takes a knife and stabs himself in his eyes and asked to be casted away to where he can hear no man or women. This is the fate of oedipus and
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