The Pros And Cons Of The Migration Crisis

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Introduction. This essay will examine a hypothetical research idea on a pressing topic in not only geography but in politics, the media and in most spectrums in the world today. This is the topic of migration. The need to base the research idea around migration is undeniable due to the recent crisis in the middle east, it is the migration patterns of middle’eastern countries like Syria, Libya and Afghanistan that this essay is mainly based upon. This topic is not only to the forefront of the media worldwide but essentially the European people aswel as Irish people nationally, it also affects and will affect the people of Ireland locally, which is examined throughout this essay. This essay gives an example of how the migration crisis is affecting Europe through examining Greece, Italy and Hungary before exploring how it is affecting Ireland and certain towns at a more local scale. For this essay, two theoretical approaches are utilised, humanism and positivism. This essay examines the topic of migration through both of these approaches or ‘lenses’ individually and then compares and contrasts the two in order to examine the various advantages and disadvantages of each and to come to a conclusion as to which approach is more…show more content…
Migrants are driven to such extremes that they are prepared to put their lives and their childrens/ family members in overcrowded vans or old boats that could easily come apart under the strain of dozens of migrants. The number of human deaths due to trying to cross to via the meditteranean for example continues to rise. Despite this obvious crisis needing immediate attention from Europe, Europe seems more concerned in implementing barriers at borders of major countries instead of realising that these are human beings also with rights. Their needs to be correct legislation to protect the rights of these human beings. A life is a

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