Humanism In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Every scenario in life or even in stories has their own philosophical lessons and values. Philosophy gives a very clear and meaningful criticism to these scenarios happened to our life. Through philosophy we can know how things, humans and environments act on a scenario, i.e. A boy with his friends are doing a task according to their one belief. Every action has a deep knowledge that we can pick out of our daily routine.

So here are the philosophies we depicted from the story of William Shakespeare, "A Midsummer Night 's Dream":

Humanism is a human-centered philosophy which means humans have the authority and power for his own life. Basically, humans have distinct traits and way of thinking in solving any problem that may interfere their
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Realism focuses more on objects. In this philosophy, ideas from our wondering brains are made into a material to be tangible. It is highly opposing idealism since idealism is a non-material that can only be imagined without knowing its true nature. For example, a scientist is hypothesized a thing that will happen. That thing is just an idea according to his beliefs and theories but still not tangible. If he experimented about this thing and ended up with something that is tangible, can be sense by our body, realism takes place.

At the play of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, the city of Athens is busy preparing a grand festival ordered by the cities Duke Theseus to mark the wedding of his marriage to Hippolyta. While everyone is busy doing their job, a man name Egeus enter the stage together with his daughter Hermia. Egeus is a nobleman and he requested Theseus to give him the right of ancient Athenians to make his daughter be the wife of Demetrius or else give him the power to kill his own daughter but the true love of Hermia is Lysander.

But instead of giving Egeus the rights of ancient Athenian, he offers Hermia two other options, the first option is she must marry Demetrius or she will be unmarried forever and join nunnery. Theseus give her the time to think before choosing on the said
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