Humanism In Mulk Gandai

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During the Freedom struggle in India Humanism has its beginning. Mulk Raj Anand’s Humanism is explicit and in client towards civility. His novel deals with the position of caste system and exploitation. He made his effort to transfer the reality into novel form Untouchable in 1933. During this time Gandhi’s presence, his speech, his stay in ashram made an impact on Anand. KEYWORDS Indian English writer- Indian English Fiction- Gandhiji’s influence-casteism-low caste-exploitations-humanism-weaker section of the society-untouchable-gandhi a character-historical events Introduction The most significant event in the history of Indian English Literature in the 30s was the manifestation on the scene of the major writers Mulk Raj Anand, Raja Rao and R.K.Narayan. The eldest of the trio, Anand will stay on one of the most prolific and multitalented of Indian English writer. He was a celebrated Indian English writer with global recognition. One of the main duties of a great writer is to represent the society and its various influences in his art. That Anand did in his novels. Literature and society are the two facets of the same coin they are interwoven both internally and externally. In all his novels he appears as a social critic. Gandhi’s influence on Mulk Raj Anand Mulk Raj Anand belongs to Gandhian era and his novels reveal significantly the deep influence of Gandhi. Gandhi’s magnanimity and humanism won the hearts of the people all over the world. He scores the great
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