Humanism In Nadine Gordimer's A World Of Strangers

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An Analytical Study of Humanism in Nadine Gordimer’s A World of Strangers
Brinda.P, Assistant Professor of English, PSGCAS, Coimbatore
Novel, a genre of literature is an apt vehicle to evolve as an eye opener to cure the social malady prevalent in the present world. Nadine Gordimer in her novel A World of Strangers brings out, a rare, amazing character Toby Hood, a White with the initiatives of mission modes for a positive change. He acts as a representative of Black community detaches himself from White people. This novel presents a social perspective on the living state of the Blacks under the exploitation and oppression, the forces that lame the life of black communities. It also exposes the battle of races between the Blacks and the Whites. The active reconstruction of the life of man, on liberation and on the need for the civil and human rights is a very important task that remains at the helm of affairs. This paper attempts to illustrate, how the denial of basic human rights in the life of man, a tragic subject of the Black African Society can be abolished by humanism. A World of Strangers Gordimer’s novel has been taken up to expose the battle of the races between the Blacks and the Whites. A World of Strangers is Nadine Gordimer’s second novel published in 1958 brings out the multi-racialism in Johannesburg. The central character calls it as “no man’s land: the space of a few rooms between the black encampment and the white.” Gordimer has emerged as the most
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