Humanism In The Industrial Revolution

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It is hard to imagine humanism in the time of slavery. It is hard to imagine environmental care in the time of industrial revolution. For the world where slave system prevails, democracy will look strange and even stupid. How is it possible for everyone to have same rights? Something new is usually something strange, and not always widely acceptable, but that does not mean we should avoid anything new. Whole world runs toward the progress and universities are the engines of progress, thus they should be experimental field for the science and for the progress. Toothpaste, seatbelt, GPS even Google are just few examples of inventions done in universities. However sometimes, conservative viewpoint prevents progress. Airplanes, computers, radio and even light bulbs were victims of such stereotypic thinking. Books are another interesting example. They were invented eons ago and in spite of technology having good replacement for books, they are still very popular. Nowadays, there are many progressive worldviews. People start caring about everything: about health, about piece , about environment and even about each other. In the era of industrialism, environment was last think to care about. Imagine “green” activist protesting against new factory building during industrial revolution. Poor guy will be send to the hospital as mentally retarded. Vegetarianism, humanism, environmental care, pacifism, racial tolerance are few examples of such kind of modern opinions. And some of these

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