Humanistic Personality Test

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Individuals across the world use various types of personality tests to assess their levels of expertise based on several subjects of interest. The online site, The Human Metrics Jung Typology Test, has created personality test in which one is able to determine a potential career based on several multiple choice questionnaires about their personalities. The test concludes by providing four letters which symbolizes a personality trait and a suitable career for the individual. The humanistic theory of personality developed by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers can interconnect to the career personality test. This theory stems on the idea of self-actualization and the need to achieve one’s full potential in life after receiving their basic needs. Individuals…show more content…
The Human Metrics Jung Typology Test is one of the many form of tests which could be used to validate the reliability of one’s potential career based on their personality traits. The idea of using the Carl G. Jung’s personality type theory combining the four area of perception (general attitude, perception, judging, and perceiving), is a popular method of analysing the results of the career personality test and discover which of the four area of perception one more dominate. This personality test was able to be replicated several times across various time zones and environments to ensure that there was consistency among all areas of the study. However, an issue arises with the length of the test and the format of the answer choices provided. This could be critiqued due to its lengthy questions and uncommon format for the answer choices written as “YES, yes, uncertain, no, NO” instead of the common ranking scale from one to five. Hypothetically, this issue can cause confusion for individuals completing the test leading them to provide dishonest results and become disengaged from the personality…show more content…
Personality tests are a great way to get an idea of one’s personality trait and expertise. There are various different types of personality tests one can choose to do during their free time. However, it is important to analyze the reliability and validity of the personality test if it is completed for personal inquiries or interests. Career personality tests are often taken for personal information to explore potential career paths of a person based on their individual personality trait. Therefore, it is necessary for the results from test to accurately provide valid results allowing individuals to use it for assisting them when deciding their future plans. However, this particular personality test completed lack validity in its study and obtain several critiques on its reliability and validity. This test would not be the best choice of test to complete if used for personal inquiries. Though, one can gladly use this specific test for amusement or

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