Self-Actualization Of Personality

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Personality refers to a set of individual differences in characteristic patterns that affect how a person think, feel and behave of various life event(Israel Ali,2012)

Humanistic perspective:
This perspective emphasizes on the capability of human to think consciously and rationally. Humans considered as having free will, therefore it is possible for people to choose their destiny and achieve self actualization. From Maslow 's hierarchy of needs , self-actualization refers to the priority of human motivation, the most advanced drive of humans, the goal of our inner personality and our attempt to recognize ourselves.( )
In addition, Humanistic Psychologist Carl Rogers proposed the idea of self-concept. The ideal self is the one you would
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The most important product of his effort is his own personality” (Fromm,1962).The personality develops towards self-actualization and self-concept. Personality is build around the self-concept. For instance, a person would be less confident (personality) if he or she thinks negatively. We may alter our personality in order to accomplish self-actualization.

Psychodynamic perspective:
Freud 's theory focus on the relationship between conscious and unconscious mind. Human beings are driven by sexual and aggressive instincts, so humans not have free will.

Freud said that mind is divided into three classes: id, ego and superego. The id is totally unconscious, it includes our basic instincts and biological urges such as sex and hunger. Also, it runs referring to pleasure principle aimed to satisfy our prime needs and avoid those painful things.

Furthermore, the ego is halved into conscious and unconscious as well as helps us think more realistically. The ego helps us complete the id’s desires through reality. If a person feel hungry, the ego will decide how to get the real food instead of just
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Freud attached less importance to affect of the environment, culture and the relationship between people. The focus is narrow, those factors also act as key on different personality development. In addition, the mainstream of this perspective is patriarchal(male-dominated) and misogynistic(anti-woman) (Dr.T Manichander,2016). According to the concept of the penis envy, it mentions that girl wishes she could have penis and blame her mother for not providing that. It showed the social bias and inequality among the gender.

Maslow said, “It is as if Freud has supplied to us the sick half of psychology and we must now fill it out with the healthy half.” (Maslow, 1998). The Humanistic perspective concentrate on the positive side of human beings and expects them to be optimistic which helps to fulfill the fully potential. So, it ignored negative aspects of human experience and the unconscious mind which is equally important in humans.
"As no one else can know how we perceive, we are the best experts on ourselves." (Gross, 1992) Those experiences affect the development of personality but they are subjective
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