Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen

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Humanitarian situation in Yemen Yemen today is facing with the most humanitarian crisis in the world. Due to occurrence of numerous previous wars and ongoing war, the social, economic, and institutional collapse, an infrastructure is damaged and traditional livelihoods have been decimated. All aspects of life have been affected and no family has remained untouched. According to Humanitarian Response Plan of Yemen 2017, as of July 2017 estimated that 18.8 millions Yemenis- 69% of Yemen’s population needed some kind of humanitarian or protection assistance including 10.3 million people in acute need who require life-saving assistance immediately. Hostilities are increasingly taking place in populated cities, resulting in high casualties and…show more content…
There are also restriction on the flow of private sector goods including food, sanitation, and commodity, which result in the expensive price and commodities scarcity. The country also facing with liquidity crisis where people, traders, lenders, and humanitarian partners are struggling to transfer cash into and within the country. The humanitarian partners also cannot provide in the entire commercial sector, as it is beyond capacity. Around 17.1 million people are experiencing food insecure and about 3.3 million children and pregnant women are malnourished. Around 4.5 million people need essential household items, or emergency shelter. A longer-term development priority such as education is losing hope amidst the violence. There are around 1600 schools are unfit during the ongoing war times result in 2 million school age children are out of school and need support for their right to education. An estimated 462,000 children under five years old are suffering from acute malnutrition. More than 14.8 million people are unable to access to basic healthcare and around 8.8 million people are underserved areas which harder for them…show more content…
Many civilian casualties from the war and the entire country is facing with tremendous threats to their safety and well-being, such as lack of human basic rights and needs, basic health care and education, foods, shatter, clean water, and sanitation service. Currently, the situation which seem to be no indication that a political solution or ceasefire with the ongoing civil war between two major faction: a mix of Houthi Shi’ite rebels and military supporters of its former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, and the Saudi and the United Arab Emirates supporters Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi government, the massive humanitarian crisis in Yemen will continue to grow and is only going to get worse until the fighting ends. Without a political solution there can be no end to the humanitarian crisis in the country. Therefore, in order to move on to the solution for humanitarian crisis the political dialogue, reconciliation, negotiation, and agreement should be take into account first. The round talk for peace will never happen within the country without other external actors. The international attention, international organization, expertise on political issues, and diplomats are desperately needed and could be critical to influence solidification of conflict in
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