Humanitarian Intervention

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Name - Zar Ni Htet Aung
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Date – December 17th 2014
Justification of Humanitarian Intervention
Today’s World, humanitarian intervention is the popular topic in international relations and the most controversial title among the scholars. Generally, we can define Humanitarian intervention as the state use military forces to against or punish another state, when the state has been termed as human rights violated state or major threat of other countries. Generally, the state government has many responsibilities such as to protect national security, to prevent from external shocks, and to protect the lives and the safety of their citizens. If the state’s government absent of these responsibilities and if their actions
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States are seeking power for their interest, their security, their economic growth, and so on. The great power states, for example, United State made humanitarian interventions in Middle East region such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria in the past few years. In my point of view, in case of US humanitarian intervention to Iraq and Afghanistan, there are potential threat of terrorist and threat of chimerical weapons in those countries. It is not only the threat of the people from those countries but also a major threat of the US’s national security; for example, the 9th, 11 issue. Moreover, there might be the other objectives or the trump cards we can never see such as war economy, expend power to the particular region, or something like that. If so, we need to think about the question, why US did not apply humanitarian intervention upon some African countries those are several issues of ethnic massacred, civil wars, and human rights violation? It may concern with the geopolitics, cost effective, and level of security threat. But there have been many humanitarian programs in Africa led by UN, U.S, and Japan such as UNDP, WPF, and so on. Humanitarian intervention might have some political and national interests, but humanitarian also has altruism logic for the…show more content…
Moreover, it is the most dangerous for young people because the young people are easily to convince than others. It is not only the personal cropper of youth but also the loss of national treasure and also the world. If the country accepts the terrorist group, or if the terrorists rise up in the country, the government should take proper actions and take international helps. If the government fails to stop and the government can’t control the terrorist problem, the humanitarian intervention actions from the external will be

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