Humanitarian Intervention In International Society

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How does Humanitarian Intervention become an institution in International Society?
Humanitarian intervention can be defined as the conception that internation society ought to intervene in states where people are massacred or the government fails severely on its normal function that leads to human suffering. (Baylis et al, 2014) With the emergence of international society since the nineteenth century and the increasing interactions amongst states, humanitarian intervention brings itself into a difficult position in the international society, which is built based on the United Nation’s (UN) principles of sovereignty, non-intervention and the non-use of force. (Baylis et al, 2014) However, the principles sometimes contradict with the reality. If a state is mass killing its citizens and breaking the human rights law, the applicability of these principles may be questioned, as well as whether should other states offer rescues to people in misery or just ignore the violence. There are the attempts to establish an institution of humanitarian intervention in international society, especially after the Cold War period, which means to make humanitarian intervention as a normalised practice and integrate it into the international society, in order to defend human rights.
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(Wheeler, 2002) The conception of international order and world order are allocated different significance by Bull, as he asserted, the fundamental units that constitute world order are individual human beings, since they share a common humanity. The existence of international order is there to protect human lives, activities and values, therefore world order is more important than international order, because if there is no human there will not be a world order, thereby the conception of international order becomes

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