The Aztecs: Migration From The Valley Of Mexico

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Humanities Essay: The Aztecs
The Aztecs or Mexica as they called themselves, weren’t originally from the Valley of Mexico, many people migrated from the north. As history states the people migrated because of a great drought in northern Mexico and southwestern United States. After two centuries of migration, around 1200 AD the Aztecs started to form their foundation in the Valley of Mexico, and that was the start of one of the most mightest civilization. The Valley of Mexico attracted many more people as it was full of rich resources. The Valley was surrounded by high mountains protecting them from any enemies, freshwater from the mountains, marshy lakes that provided them with food, plants, salt and also water for cultivation and agriculture (Nicoletta Maestri, “Aztec Origins and the Founding of Tenochtitlán - Aztec Tenochtitlan”). About 1250 AD when the Aztecs finally settled and created Teotihuacan, the great city started to grow. It gained so much power that it was the most powerful city in the whole empire. The Aztecs were racing to the height of their success and knowledge. They developed new concepts and number systems. They advanced in Math, Humanities, Science, Compulsory education and Agriculture. Although having all that knowledge and developing so quickly (Unknown, “Teotihuacan”). To keep such a big empire under control they had to follow strict laws. God meant a lot to them although …show more content…

They weren’t only very strict but also they let commoners have a word. Their laws were extremely strict, but they also let they be honest and give they a second try. They created such a stable and efficient empire with the help of laws and order. The punishments that the Aztecs give to the criminal scared other, so they won’t commit a crime. Having no jails put a huge impact peoples think about crime and punishment. To something like stealing there was no second chance. So they had to be careful and not be

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