Humanity In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Lord of the Flies was written around the time World War II had just ended and Golding had a fresh new perspective on human personality and actions. Golding’s new point of view is similar to the Thomas Hobbes’s philosophies stating that people aren’t naturally ethical and will throw their morals away when given the chance to benefit themselves. Furthermore, the novel demonstrates his newfound knowledge by emphasizing Jack as a character and his internal struggle for power over Ralph and the others in the tribe. And, by expressing Jack’s struggle to rule with an iron fist in Lord of the Flies, Golding adds meaning to his work; making the novel about more than a group of boys stranded on an island. Since the beginning of the novel, Jack wanted Ralph to be forever gone because of the amount of influence he had on others in the island. Additionally, because the other boys had elected Ralph as head of the tribe, Jack felt envious which caused him to feel inferior to his rival. Jack demonstrated his thirst for power over others from the beginning to the end of Lord of the Flies by questioning and arguing every decision of Ralph’s and eventually leaving the…show more content…
Golding believed that humans were naturally indecent and arrogant. His expressions of this thoughts on human likeness lead to a deeper meaning behind the novel; rather than a story about a group of boys on an island, the story was about how people, even young boys, are not who they seem to be. Therefore, Golding used Jack to illustrate the dark, power-driven and manipulative personalities of the average person which enhanced Lord of the Flies in a positive way. Lord of the Flies then transformed into a drama about a group of boys stranded on an island, murder, the internal struggle for power over others, and also the true nature of
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