Humanity In The Film The Book Thief

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We, as humanity, wouldn’t be where we are today if there weren’t people who were willing to be the ones to stand up for what they believed in. These people have shaped the world to be how it is, and their influence has caused large amounts of change. Standing up for what one believes in is essential because it usually it affects everybody in a positive way. This is evident through Rudy, a character in the film The Book Thief, through one of my personal experiences, and through the actions of Mahatma Gandhi.

Rudy, a character in the movie The Book Thief, repeatedly stands up for what he believes in: Liesel’s wellbeing. He represents the principle that standing up for what and whom one believes in has a huge effect on everyone and everything
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Mahatma Gandhi was one of the most influential people in all of history. He proved that one person has the potential to do anything they want to; one person can change the world. He was somebody who had to do his best to change anything that was wrong. He couldn’t just let it be. In one case, he put his health in jeopardy for the good of his country. He was in jail, and he made the decision to go on a hunger strike. His goal in doing so was to protest against the British government’s decision of separating India’s electoral system into castes. Another example of one of his accomplishments is his influence of creating the symbol for independence in India: the spinning wheel. Gandhi would make his own clothes using a spinning wheel, as to promote the importance of independence. At the time, India was still under the control of Britain. Gandhi was against this, and so he felt the need to do something about it, to not just stand there and watch. He felt that manufacturing his own clothes would prove the point that India was capable of being valuable to society on their own. In addition to this, Gandhi organized several peaceful protests throughout his lifetime to stand up against issues that mattered to him. His way of thinking was that if there was something that needed a solution, he would be the one to offer it. This is what makes Gandhi such a prominent figure in history, and a
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