Humanity In The Trojan War

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Humanity is too trusting, there is a problem in the world where good people trust horrible that will take advantage of their trust. In the end the trusting people will pay for it. Its sad when people let their guards down the worst possible things happen to them. It’s like the Trojans at the end of the Trojan war. They let their guard down to close to the end of the war and they trusted a big wooden horse at the gates of their city. Then during the 1930’s the Germans were in a bad place and they trusted Hitler to get them out of the bad times. However trusting Hitler wasn 't there best idea because up to six million jews died in the Holocaust. Now Germans don 't even like being associated with the Nazi Party. Now lots of People are trusting Trump that he’ll keep his word on building the wall and the new tax reform and more will make lives better. However some believe that building the wall and the new tax reform will make lives worse instead. So at this point anything is possible whether lives will get better in the United States or get worse. People 's lives do get worse when the trust someone completely. These events show that the world is full of horrible people and will take others trust and lead them to their downfall. Near the end of the Trojan war the Trojans were too trusting and were no thinking straight. The Trojans were all drunk praying thinking they won the war but it wasn 't over. One of the Greeks great warriors had the great idea to make a
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