Humanity In Toni Morrison's The Biased Eye

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If you ask a random person if they are racist, then most likely, they will say no. If you ask a random person if they are sexist, the chances are that they will say no. So why do so many people act differently toward others based on their skin color and gender? In The Biased Eye it says
"what matters is less what's going on in our heads and more what's going on out there in the wider social world of which we are a part." So people don't want to just expect the worst and judge others, however because of what they see on the news or hear from friends and family, they are biased and have a stereotype in the back of their mind. We are prone to judging others, whether we like it or not. This does not make the way people in society act toward
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On the last experiment they did, they had a female actor dress up as a homeless lady and they had the kids do the same thing. Again right away people stepped in to her aid and made the kids stop. They then asked the woman if she was okay and talked with her. No one made conversation with the man or asked if he was okay. Does this relate to the bike thief situation? They were civil with the man, but they did not treat him the way they treated the woman. Is this because of stereotypes and bias opinions?
Women are viewed as fragile and weak, so when they saw the woman being assaulted is that stereotype one of the reasons they stepped in?
Either way with this experiment some of humanity prevailed. They stepped in when they saw the real danger and didn't hesitate one bit.
In conclusion, humanity struggles everyday with bias opinions and stereotypes that affect the way we see others. We don't react the way we would like to think we would if we were put in a situation. In the What
Would You Do videos we only see what they wanted us to see. We did not see what all happened because the video was edited, so using the show as a source to get information is biased because they don't let us see everything, but based on what we say humanity is still very flawed with
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