Immorality Vs Pornography Essay

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Introduction In the Bible sexuality is present since the creation of the first man and woman; however, in that time it was natural to Adam and Eve to be totally naked in front of each other because sin had not penetrated in the humanity yet. The perfection of God’s creation was displayed the unity, passion without evil desire and without greed, and purity. Today the Internet, TV, and smartphone sharing are changing totally how the society see sexuality. Pornography is invading movies, series, books, and becoming more acceptable to all audiences. Paul’s concern over sexual immorality goes beyond just the spiritual layer; sexual immorality and pornography contaminates people physically too and affects relationships and change the way that the society look at sexual orientation and relations. Paul addresses in his letters this kind of situation multiple times when the sexual immorality begins to create roots in the Christian family and Christ’s church. As John MacArthur Jr. pastor and author of the study Bible with his name says in his book Sociedade Sem Pecado (The Vanishing Conscience), “Sin despises and eludes human consciousness, terribly hardening the heart.” What MacArthur means is that sin creates a bondage corrupting the moral values and allowing society to be more…show more content…
Moreover, science tells us that the act of self-satisfaction is good and natural creating a big interrogation point in many heads. What the Bible tells us in Mathew 5:28 is that just by thinking we sin in our hearts. Masturbation and pornography can also be considered a sin even when a married couple is doing them, not because they are married and they are having fantasies about each other that they are not sinning. Sex is related to a personal relation with someone while masturbation and pornography inside the marriage are solitary
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