Humans Of New York Stories Character Analysis

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Character- In Humans of New York Stories, by Brandon Stanton there is a new character on every page, some with very intriguing stories and some with a few words. However, the pictures tell you as much as the captions, illustrating much of the person 's character. The man I found most intriguing was on page 226, at first sight you can tell this man has a past, an interesting character ,and a burden that he carries with him. I’ve seen that look before the distant gaze and lack of expression, as if he can no longer be impacted by any event because he 's been through so much already. The distraught man had been with the same girl on and off for three years, and the only reason he stayed was to insure she would not hurt herself. The fact he stayed for her well being…show more content…
I was at a business meeting one night- and she started sending me text messages again, saying she was going to hurt herself. It was the fifth time she’d done it, so I didn’t even answer. That night she hung herself with a dog leash.” (226). For the rest of his life this man would have to live with the guilt he did not respond. The responsibility took a large toll on him, a girl had literally put her life in the palm of his hands and he could not move on. It’s hard enough to deal with one life but being responsible for two is another story. Another relatable character is the man from page 119. Just like 226 he was selfless, however he was born to take care of his brother. Ever since he was a little kid he took care of his brother who had cerebral palsy, he was the only one who could understand him. When the man decided he wanted his own life his family ostracized him. It is not just that this man had to hold back his dreams for another person even though they were family. Just like the burden was too big for 226 it was too big for 119, they both had their own dreams and there 's only so much one person can handle. No matter how selfless a person is everyone has a breaking point, and needs to love
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