Humans On Earth: The Main Cause Of The Doomsday Clock

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It is crystal clear that humans on earth are the main cause of the doomsday clock nearing the final strike of midnight. It is believed that Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons have pushed the clock closer and it now stands at two-and-a-half minutes to Midnight according to The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. It has been pushed closer by means of the human race being greedy and obsessed with money. Climate Change plays a major role in the count down to midnight on the doomsday clock because for new innovations and technology to come about, the very earth we live on has to withstand and fight many impurities. As technology increases and becomes a way of life, more and more pollution is produced into atmosphere, thus creating a climate change. The way that pollution creates this climate change is that, potent gases are released into the atmosphere and this inherently acts “like a giant blanket that keeps the suns heat from leaving the atmosphere..”(1.) and this trapped heat increases the earths temperature and results in a very hot climate. Humans by nature are very greedy, we want the best and only the best and to have the best we need money. Money is the main cause of greed and to a sense money makes the world go round. In order to make money in this new age world, new innovations and new types of technology have to be created and to create these products, factories have be constructed and this obviously creates more pollution radiating upwards into the atmosphere.

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