Humans Responsibility In Luna's Fate

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Humans’ Responsibility in Luna’s Fate
At first glimpse, this question nearly whelmed me into imagining that humans were absolutely responsible for the fate of Luna. This is contended from the perspective of the popular notion that humans lack a sense of environmental responsibility in the contemporary world. Nonetheless, after reading and rereading Groc’s essay, I now believe that humans were not entirely responsible for Luna’s fate. Specifically, while humans partway contributed to Luna’s fate due to their individual and collective actions, Luna contributed to the remaining percentage of what led to his tragic demise. The statement that some people were relieved when Luna died as states in paragraph indicates that humans were to some extent responsible for Luna’s fate.
To begin with, the congenial social interactions that humans initiated and entertained between them and Luna have some blame to bear in Luna’s death. This is because such interactions made Luna feel socially appreciated and treasured, despite the fact that he was an animal. Luna’s action of rolling belly-up for pats from the kindly humans and burrowing up to boats and docks as highlighted in the first paragraph of Groc’s essay is sufficient evidence that Luna was feeling cherished and loved in a human community. An important point to bear in mind is that this killer orca was not only an orphan, but also a solitary sociable whale, according to researchers (para. 4). In that case, the establishment of such

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