Humans Responsibility In Luna's Fate

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Humans’ Responsibility in Luna’s Fate
At first glimpse, this question nearly whelmed me into imagining that humans were absolutely responsible for the fate of Luna. This is contended from the perspective of the popular notion that humans lack a sense of environmental responsibility in the contemporary world. Nonetheless, after reading and rereading Groc’s essay, I now believe that humans were not entirely responsible for Luna’s fate. Specifically, while humans partway contributed to Luna’s fate due to their individual and collective actions, Luna contributed to the remaining percentage of what led to his tragic demise. The statement that some people were relieved when Luna died as states in paragraph indicates that humans were to some extent
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In the third paragraph, it is recorded that there was a divide between fishermen and animal-activists. In particular, the former sustained the desire to get rid of Luna, while the latter wanted to live the orca alone. Luna also raised concerns among managers of human-wildlife interactions like any other orphaned orca (para. 10). Groc records in the nineteenth paragraph that there was a resolve by staff from the Canadian fishery and oceans department to work with experts from Vancouver Aquarium to relocate Luna to his original feeding waters. In the next paragraph, Groc adds that, during a sea game in 2004, there were attempts to capture the orca by captors from the two agencies. Despite all the efforts of the captors, Luna was excited by the singing of native paddlers, who also called out the orca’s name, making the orca swim back and forth excitedly, but haphazardly. Personally, I think that the paddlers’ action during the event, along with the friendly social interactions cemented Luna’s conviction that he had finally established an abode among humans. Arguing from this perspective, I believe that, had the paddlers not motivated Luna’s haphazard swimming behavior, the captors’ efforts of capturing Luna would not have been thwarted. In that case, the process of relocating him to his original habitat where he had been alienated from his orca family for unknown reasons would have been successful, and Luna would not have been killed. Probably Luna would still be alive. Even so, I still sustain that humans are not to blame entirely for Luna’s ill-fated demise. Apparently, CBC News confirms my belief by declaring that it is confirmed that about 60% of whales die from interactions with humans (para. 3), including vessel strikes like in Luna’s

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