Humans Vs Ghouls

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With overweening freedom and impotency of law, ghouls hold a passport in every place in the world- and you will be thunderstruck, they might be your best friend, your lover, your child, your classmate, or your neighbor. You cannot easily find them for these monsters who feed human flesh are in their human forms to utterly camouflage in our world. Ghouls unveil themselves and devour their captured prey on dark alley. Who do they want to eat? Of course, a helpless human being who felt betrayed by fate and nature for making them weak. Nevertheless, it is trickier if ghouls are unmasked, for humans and ghouls are both coltish and we know right then and there it is possible that humans and ghouls may obliviously switch personality. This lead in the spring up of perplexity in every branch of crime scene and the dubiety winced to pinned in our head because of the thought of not knowing who is the victim? And who is the killer?…show more content…
The case is I don’t know if my soul is a human or a ghoul. In our world, these ghouls roaming anywhere are not eating human flesh; at least, our organs are safe from them. Howbeit, their atrocious deeds sated their hunger- they terrorize nations; abduct innocent people, deceive the citizens with their rhetoric to selfishly have the world and stole power and liberty for their own
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