Humble And Kind By Tim Mcgraw: Song Analysis

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Humble and Kind

Humble and kind by Tim Mcgraw was released at the end of 2015. This song reached the top of the, Billboard Top Country Songs chart. We decide to choose this song because we felt it had a great message (to be kind and humble while being grateful). along with being very good in general. Another thing we really liked, which made the choice to pick this song easy was that flow of the song (word to word) was very smooth and made the song a lot easier to listen to.


People listen to music to have fun and relax along with many other reasons, but this song is different from what other music is like. It teaches a lesson to the audience, how to be kind to each other and how to not be mean or mad at each other, also
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In the song, language is used as it would be in an ordinary conversation (colloquial) which is not formally. This is crucial to the song because if it was sung to formally or with much too much slang then there would be less interest by the audience which wouldn’t help them with getting their message across nor with how much money is coming in. An example of this colloquial language usage is when the song says,”Don 't steal don 't cheat don 't lie,” so that shows how language we use in normal convertains is used throughout the song. Another reason why the colloquial english is the so important is how if the song was formal or was all slang, how the song would then make no sense. An example is how, don 't stain don 't punk don 't front, would not be a good/ as appealing to most of his audience as ,”don 't steal don 't cheat don 't lie,” as said in the song. The song making no sense without colloquial english along how importants it 's usage is for the audience and message really shows how much it is needed to get the message across and make the audience…show more content…
The accent is not a negative issue like it could be, instead in this song it is good for the song and makes the song flow better while sounding better. With the accent he has which adds to the flow and the great message he has in the song it makes it much better to the audience (stuff most singers don 't have). An example is how when he sings,” Always stay humble and kind,” or “when the dreams you dreamin’ come to you,” it sounds much better due to the accent and the words which are being sung start to flow and appeal to the audience. Another positive is that he has an accent that his audience can understand which is crucial so they actually know he’s saying (some accents people don 't understand but if they do understand the audience usually thinks it’s cool/ fascinating). The audience thinking it is “cool” is important so they become more likely to like it and listen to it again. His accent is very important because it helps give the song flow (necessary for a good song) while making the song sound good/ cooler then it would be without an accent to the audience, while getting their
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