Humble And Kind Song Analysis

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The song Humble and Kind is a country western tune sung by the popular artist, Tim McGraw. He recorded the song after many years of putting out popular albums. He started singing as a young child while he drove around the country in his father 's 18 wheeler listening to the radio ( He was born in Delhi, Louisiana and grew up in towns around the southern United States. He went to college, but decided to drop out to pursue a singing career. He played in small clubs and was not an immediate success. He was able to continue playing because his father helped support his dream of becoming a performer ( His father is the famous baseball player, Tug McGraw. He was not aware of this fact however, until he was about 11 years…show more content…
All of the suggestion in the song point to the need to respect others and give them dignity they deserve as fellow human beings.There are several examples of times when this can be applied. The first stanza states “the key is always under the mat”, meaning that there is always a place where the door is open, and where a person can go to feel safe. In these times there are many people who are homeless, we should help work toward producing a place where they can go and feel safe. In the next line it reads “go to church “cause your momma says to”. This follows our commandment to keep hold the Lord’s day. The next line tells us to “Visit grandpa every chance that you can, It won 't be wasted time”, which goes along with the teachings of the corporal works of mercy. It is also known that our older relatives are wise because they have a great deal of life experience they can pass on to us. In the next stanza it says, “don’t steal, don 't cheat, don’t lie” which comes right from the ten commandments. Finally, the last section reads, “Don 't take for granted the love this life gives you, when you get where you 're going don 't forget turn back around and help the next one in line”. This tells us to know that any good we receive in life does not belong totally to us, but we should appreciate what we have and use it to help
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