Hume's Argument About Aesthetic Judgment Possible?

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Hume’s Argument About Aesthetic Judgement. Is Aesthetic Judgement Possible? That question that everyone will come up with different answer to with reasons. David Hume, a Philosopher argue that Aesthetic judgement is possible in his book “The Standard of Taste”. He uses taste to determine whether the judgment is possible. He focused on the preference of one person and the other and how to determine who is right and who is wrong. I believe Aesthetic Judgement is possible. The judgement simply have to come from the right person. In Hume comparison, he focused on what determines if a person is right or wrong. Is there even a right or wrong answers to questions?. If someone prefer something than someone else, who have the right to point out that someone is wrong. Preference come from a person experience, it is personal not general. For example, I hate blueberry but someone else love blueberry. I have no right to say that blueberry should not be a fruit, as someone who love blueberry doesn't have any right to say, blueberry should be the only fruit in the cafetorium. Who is going to break that argument? My hatred for blueberry came from a childhood memory, which make it personal and make me unable to make judgement on the fruit. For a judgement to be made,…show more content…
Aesthetic Judgement cannot be made because they are to crude in think, prejudice, external emotion, negative experience or jealousy. People make the wrong choice sometimes because, they are worried about what people might think. Peer pressure is also a reason for making wrong judgement. Most people want to fit in, so they abandon their ability to make the right judgement and do what everyone else do. Aesthetic Judgement is possible. It has always been and it will always be. If anyone think that it is not possible,I am sure that there is a good reason. I might not be the right person to be the judge of that. Maybe I am biased with my moral
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