Humor And Irony In The Pigman

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The novel The Pigman is written in the alternating point of views of the two main characters, John and Lorraine. John and Lorraine are sophomores in high school, whom had met and became friends because of their shared boredom of school and odd sense of humor. Lorraine was sitting alone on the bus and John sat down next to her. Out of nowhere, John started laughing and Lorraine was mortified that he was laughing at her. For the most part, Lorraine was very aware of what others thought of her. Lorraine realized that he was not laughing at her, and they both burst out laughing and were friends ever since. John was a sophomore, a big drinker, and a smoker. John also had a habit of telling prevarications, which he was quite proficient in. It was an avocation of Lorraine’s to…show more content…
Pignati invited them to go the zoo with him. At that point, Lorraine knew she and John were in a predicament. John convinced Lorraine to go to the zoo with Mr. Pignati, and they went to the nocturnal house and payed a visit to Mr. Pignati’s “best friend” Bobo the baboon. Bobo was the ugliest, meanest, and most putrid smelling baboon ever, but for some reason Mr. Pignati loved him. John liked taking a trip to the zoo with Mr. Pignati, but Lorraine found the experience a little mundane. Lorraine thought Mr. Pignati was quite childish, and infantile. He liked to play games, tell jokes, and act silly. After a while, both Lorraine and John grew to become great friends with Mr. Pignati, whom they called the Pigman. The three of them liked to ride around on roller skates, and rode them out of the store they bought them in. One day, John and Lorraine were at the Pigman's house. John put on his skates and Mr. Pignati began chasing him throughout the house. John went up the steps and Mr. Pignati followed. Then Mr. Pignati had a heart attack running up the steps. He was taken to the hospital, and John and Lorraine had to pretend to be his kids to see
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