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Figure 3. What types of advertising sound more to you? - Nielsen Global Survey of Advertising Trust in Q1 2013
Fugate (1998) lists the benefits of humor in advertising, which has also been proven and tested by many other studies
• striking Humor
• Humor encourages people to remember the ad and therefore the message
Humor shows we are human - we can laugh and smile with the rest of humanity
• Humor makes people like us - and by extension enhances our brand image
Weinberger and Guides (1992) claim that humor cannot ensure more successful in humorous advertising just stick an ad. Humor directly related to the product works more effectively than unrelated humor (Fatt, 2002) despite the growing number of humorous ad is important to understand
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He also produced a list of tentative generalizations generated from research on mood. • Humor is an effective way to draw attention to the ads. • The humor can raise the memory of consumer’s points messages in ads • Improvement Humor welcome both advertising and advertised brand. • Not necessarily detrimental Humor comprehension and may in fact in the crease of memory for advertising claims if the mood is relevant to the advertised brand. • Humor does not offer an advantage over no mood to increase persuasion. • Humor does not improve the credibility of the source.
• The nature of the product affects the convenience of use humor. Specifically, humor is used most successfully with the provisions rather than new products. Humor is also best suited for products that are more oriented feeling or experience, and those who are not very involved (such as consumer packaged goods inexpensive).
2.3 Humor and product
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Peripheral signals such as cartoon characters, music, humor and celebrities could help influence the audience with low motivation have a positive impact on the taste of the messages. Advertisers tend to use more peripheral signals in situations of low motivation. Humor dominant, rather than a supporting role works best with the lowest motivation to process information ad (Gulas et al

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