Humor In David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty One Day

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Humor is found in some of the most stressful times in life. David Sedaris does just that as he tells the story of how he learned the French language in “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. Sedaris faces both internal and external obstacles, but still manages to poke fun at the situation, himself, and one bucktoothed seamstress. Despite his humor, he still delivers a deeper point to this story. No matter the age, new and unfamiliar situations can be wrought with fear and anxiety. Determination and fortitude are essential to achieving a goal when your body is telling you to avoid the situation. David Sedaris successfully explores the theme of overcoming adversities in “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” because Sedaris shows that his own insecurities are at the root…show more content…
Even as his discomfort reached its pinnacle, Sedaris doesn't give up on his goal. In the midst of his struggles Sedaris is faced with an accusation that his work was, shall we say, less than acceptable. “Refusing to stand convicted on the teacher's charges of laziness, I’d spend four hours a night on my homework,” Sedaris says as he describes his determination. At this moment, the author could have decided to do the bare minimum to pass the class, but just passing the class wasn’t his goal. In this Sedaris shows us his moxie. He writes, “I suppose I could have gotten by with less, but I was determined to create some sort of an identity for myself .” This and his reaction to the accusation of laziness indicates that the author may have been contemplating giving up on his goals. At this point, the audience is wondering why he is enduring this hardship. But, by writing this he is demonstrating his integrity and commitment to learning the language. It leaves the feeling that he is focusing more on his target than the obstacles that lie in front of him. In his essay Sedaris also shows that enduring great struggle can have rewards of equivalent value. It is the journey itself that gives the destination its
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