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While not all sports movies are good, the ones people actually watch have very similar qualities. The similarities of great sports films include good humor, an underdog and an issue that the characters must overcome. In order to be among the best ones, it must have all three. The first quality is humor. All good sports films have great humor. This helps keep the viewer engaged as well as what sometimes makes the movie good. A great example of this is in the movie The Little Giants. The under talented peewee football team has many humorous moments such as when they play the town 's ‘real’ team and put these edible things in their mouth that make their mouth foam which the other team was freaked out by. Another example of this is the basketball classic, Space Jam. This movie involves the Looney Toons characters and basketball legend Michael…show more content…
The last, but probably most important trait of a good sports movie, is overcoming an issue to get a win or be successful. One of the best examples brings us back to the movie Remember the Titans. The team is just joining races and there is a lot of conflict. But as the summer goes on and camp continues the team goes through two-a-days together and halfway through the season it 's like nothing ever happened. The Bad News Bears portrays a slightly different situation. One with a little bit of humor. They have no coach and no mode of transportation to get from California to Texas for their big game. So what do they do? They steal a van and have their 15 year old captain drive all 12 of them. My last example is pulled from the movie Friday Night Lights. This movie portrays Texas high school football in a nutshell. The state bound Permian Panthers lose their highly talented, division 1 running back to a torn ACL in game 1 and have to overcome using their 3rd string running back the rest of the season after using their second string as a fullback. They overcome all odds and make a run to the state finals, but fall short to

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