Humor, Tone, And Irony In Shakespeare's Hamlet

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“To be or not to be, that is the question.” A very iconic line. Shakespeare’s use of literary elements helped create this line. Shakespeare used many literary elements but the main focus in Hamlet is mood, tone, and irony. To develop a theme, an author must use literary elements such as mood,tone, and irony. Shakespeare uses mood, tone, and irony to develop the themes of curiosity and betrayal. Shakespeare uses mood to develop the themes of curiosity and betrayal. In Act iii, Scene i Ophelia is told by hamlet that he “loves her no more.” which gives the reader a curious feeling because previously in the book he had acted as if he was madly in love with her. Now later on in the Act King Claudius informs polonius that if Hamlet’s state of mind…show more content…
They may have reasoning to this because in earlier acts Hamlet is visited by his deceased father and told to avenge his death because he was murdered by Claudius. Hamlet also acts as if he is madly in love with Ophelia which could make people feel that love is a plausible theme. Although these themes could work, the themes of curiosity and betrayal work throughout the whole story. Love dies out as a theme in Act iii when Ophelia is told by Hamlet that he loves her no more which kills love as a theme. Vengeance dies out as a theme when Hamlet starts rationalizing with himself that the ghost he saw could be evil and Claudius could really be innocent. Although love and vengeance are decent themes they die out by the third act while curiosity and betrayal last throughout the whole book. Shakespeare uses mood, tone, and irony to develop his themes of curiosity and betrayal. Curiosity and betrayal last as themes throughout the entire book which makes them strong themes for Shakespeare to develop with his use of the three literary elements mood,tone, and irony. Throughout Act iii Shakespeare develops his themes to make the story more dramatic and add to his storyline. Shakespeare’s use of the literary elements helped make Hamlet the iconic book that it is today. Without his great use of them this book and story could have very well been lost in the crowd of the other amazing books he has
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