Humorous Day-Personal Narrative

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Mama always said I 'm special and I 'm gonna make her proud one day, using all six senses. I used my eyes to watch cars pass by. Using my ears to listen to prostitutes stop to introduce. Smelled a brief of fresh cash out of a Gucci bag. Ugh, what a disgusting taste of his. But hey, no need to complain, it 's not like anybody would sit down and listen to my pains. As long I keep bringing in the bread, I 'm lucky if I get head. Pretty deep, they judged as if they measured how deep my temper really was. After awhile, my body went numb. Couldn 't feel a thing not even a pinch of throbbing. He see 's me as property with a slogan that reads come again, I 'm always open. No one asked me, how did I feel? Obviously. One day I 'm home safe, the next I 'm somewhere lost in the streets, they claimed I ran away. Did it ever occur, I 've been stolen? Wow, all I know I 'm that girl who got…show more content…
Speaking of problems, they called me Thera short for Therapist because while I danced I was taught to listen as they told they 're life stories. Scene. Ain 't I 'mma good actress? I know, but underneath this smile where my secrets were hidden in the closet where it all started. I came out, he touched me, yet you do nothing but deny it. Leading me to think I can trust you, but you gave me a good reason why I should sell my everything to strange men whom took turns inside of me. Faced with no responsibility, at least that 's what I thought. It was hard to go to school 'cause all the students fought for exception but all I had was a technique. Open wide wha lala, here comes the popularity. Oh, how easy that was. The sound of twelve boys in the locker room locked with one small scared girl. Deep breathing as if they did all the work, while she 's deep troating with one last look she saw her face on Facebook labeled with a new name. If you ask me, that girl did most of the work unwillingly. Estimate, it would take six girls to do what she did in an hour, but whose counting? Who is
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