Humorous Wedding Short Story

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10 years later on the day of Lily and Zach’s wedding…………

“Today we are here to celebrate the day the wedding day of Zach and Lily although your wedding day will come and go your love will forever grow. I’ve seen these two kids grow into wonderful strong and courageous adults and now, today we stand here wishing them the best in life” August exclaimed joyfully “ I wish my sister May and your mother, Deborah, could be here to witness ya’ll undying love for eachother” “Thank you, August, for blessing us with those graceful words, June would you like to say anything?” “All I want to do is thank you for being there for me, my husband and my kids. My kids would have never grown to be who they are today if it wasn 't for y’all so thank you and I wish ya’ll
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I’ve watched you crawl, learn to walk, fall. I’ve held you when you cried and always been by your side and now I get to see my “bestfriend” get married to the love of her life and I’ve dreamed of the day you get married because I get to see you all gussied up lookin’ fancy and beautiful but I’ll leave it here because we have a party to get started and Zach you have a special gal on your hang treat her right” “Haha thanks Rosaleen I’ll make sure to do that” said Zach “ now let’s get the party started.” As soon as the party started Lily went to go look for her father because he left right in the middle of the ceremony. So she looked for him and looked for him and looked for him and soon got tired of looking because her heels were hurting her feet. Soon she asked Rosaleen if she’s seen her father and Rosaleen replied “ yeah I saw him he went to the “honey house” to get his thoughts sorted out apparently he has something big to tell you.” So Lily went to the “honey house” to find her father as Rosaleen said he would be there. “ Hi dad” “Hey

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