Humorous Wedding Speech: A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Michael sits in his seat listening to the speeches before him. He can’t believe Ian Thorpe is standing right in front of him, his favourite and most admired Olympian of all time. Michael reads his own speech to himself over and over in his head. He’s read it so many times he’s perfected it. “Now we are very lucky to have Michael Franklin here today to talk about his life and experiences. A man of great accomplishments, not only an honourable member of parliament but also a former Olympic swimmer.” Everyone starts clapping as Michael is introduced to the stage. He starts to make his way over to the microphone. In front of a big crowd with the glow of lights facing in his direction, that’s where he loves to be. The centre of attention. Michael thanks the audience and talks about his…show more content…
“Sam it worked, no on suspects a thing. You should have seen the look on everyone’s faces.” “That’s great,” Sam replies. “You’re a genius Sam,” Michael says. “I’ve been working in this business a long time son, so I know what sort of things people will believe because they’re so gullible. Everyone loves the story of a sports hero, no one is going to work out that it’s fake.” “Now we have to leave soon because we have to get to the Arcadian hall and I need to make some adjustments to your speech.” The two of them walk out of the building when they are approached by a young boy. The boy asks for a photo and an autograph which Michael happily accepts. The little boy had a sparkle in his eye and was full of excitement. As Michael leaves Sam continues to talk to the boy. “Michael Franklin is pretty cool isn’t he,” Sam says. “He is amazing,” the young boy replies. “He has been to the Olympics and done so much. I want to be just like him when I grow up.” “What is your favourite thing about him?” Sam asks. “He just seems like such a great guy. Honest and genuine,” the boy
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