Humorous Wedding Speech: Alter's Biggest Heart

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I’d like to start off my speech by thanking all of those without whom I wouldn’t have been given the title of “Alter’s biggest nerd.” I’d like to thank my parents and my entire family for all the support. My mom for being my biggest fan and making me who I am today. My sister for never failing to show me how much I mean to her. My grandma for coming all the way from Lebanon (the country) to be here with me today. My aunt, Huda, for being a second mom to me. And my cousins Nick, Serena, and Anthony for brightening my life. I’d like to thank all of my friends who have supported me unconditionally. My girlfriend Olivia for loving me even though I embarrass her in public. Kat for knowing me better than myself. Jack for keeping me sane…show more content…
As humans, it’s natural for us to try to get everyone to love us. We feel like the more people that love us, the more worth we have or the better we feel. But this isn’t the case at all. All it takes is one person. One person to love you for the person who you really are. One close friend is worth more than 1,000 distant friends. So make sure that instead of searching for love from every corner of the earth and never being satisfied, you see and appreciate the love directly in front of your eyes. Never take for granted the love of your family, the love of God, or the love of your closest friends. This is the love that will get you through all of the rough patches in…show more content…
There has never, in the history of Alter, been a class like us. We brought the spirit back to Alter. We really did. The Alter spirit flows through each of our veins. But you know what made that spirit possible? What truly makes the Class of 2016 like none other before it? Love. The Alter Family has experienced an inexplicable amount of pain this past year, but it experienced an even greater amount of love. And luckily for us, love is more powerful than pain. And ultimately, this love is what has made us into one of the best classes Alter has ever
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