Humorous Wedding Speech By The Father Of The Groom

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Firstly, this is not a goodbye, for me is just a speech where I have to tell how I feel because I don 't like to say goodbye to all these incredible persons that here. Well, I will begin, Since I 'm a little girl, I never liked teachers because they are some of them that think that they are the kings of the world, but they are other teachers that take our hand, opens our mind and touches your heart. When we are at school sometimes we think that some of the works that we do at the class they will never help us in our daily activities, but I 'm sure that learning how to speak in public and how to behave in a job interview can be the key to our future. I will never forget when I just got to this class and everyone was quite, I was so confused cause even ms. Greenhill, she was not talking and everything was so awkward.…show more content…
everyone at this class inspires me something special, like Aidan always saying hello and shaking is hand in a really funny and hard way, Edward always fighting with me and telling me to always be the first to present the works, Junior, and his beautiful cheeks, and Jacob always worried about his hair and Tyler let me tell you that when you are not talking the class feels kind of weird. A lesson that I learned at this class and I will never forget is that, with just a hello and a smile, you can make the day of a person a better, and I also learned that having friends can help you not to drown on the deepest and dark part of the ocean. My friends my advice for you is to always look for the positive side of the things, it doesn 't matter how hard it is, if you try, you will see that everything has a negative and positive side, but don 't focus too much on the negative side. My principal goal for the next year is to see you all graduating and I also want to graduate obviously and go to

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