Humorous Wedding Speech: Grandpa's Eulogy For Grandfather

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Good morning, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the fact my papas really gone. I was driving to work on Tuesday morning and my daughter Alexia said to me "mom I always said I wasn't going to handle this well" and as I started pondering that comment I said to her "I know, we all always said the same thing" I think we all sort of looked at papa like he was superman, like he would live forever. That's because to all of us girls he was superman. Grandpa was a good man. He always provided for his family. He took care of my grandma all the way up to the end of her battle with emphysema. Grandma had a lot of issues and although it couldn't of been easy he stuck by her side all those years. I remember when I was a little girl I'd fall asleep on the couch at night and papa would pick me up and carry me to bed I always loved it when he did that I would even fake sleep sometimes just so he would pick me up and carry me to bed…show more content…
I remember papa singing goofy made up songs like " ANDREA needs a spanking yes sir ree" or who could ever forget his and Tylers song "ol bill penny"....grandpa loved farming, he had 10 acres of land down in Homerville I remember being a little girl going down there with them I'd crawl up on papas tractor with him while he mowed the grass and then I'd get board and me and grandma would pick black berries together.. I'd sit with him and watch gun smoke and bonanza In the more recent years I remember driving out to Brunswick, sometimes after working all day and I would be tired and aggravated and then Id walk through that door and hear " hey hey there's the pretty girl" immediately I would smile. I will always cherish the memories we all have with him. I find comfort in knowing grandma and grandpa

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