Humorous Wedding Speech: How To Make An Omelette?

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Hey, i’m Jacques and this is my very interesting speech on how to make an omelette. It’s good to know because that way you can eat a “proper” breakfast. So i chose this topic because i’m really cooking and it’s exciting to me. So i’m going to be using a griddle, eggs, green onions, seasonings, and a spatula. First i’m going to take your three eggs and crack them into a separate bowl and then you 're going to mix them together until you get a yellowish color. Then I am going to take our next ingredient (green onions) using our cutting pad and cut those. Now that the pan is getting hot i’m going to put the eggs and green onions in there. Now that that’s in there i’m going to put or seasoning which is Tony chachere 's and garlic salt. After

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